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Thread: Warning to POM's (ye English folk) about txting from NZ 2 UK

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    Default Warning to POM's (ye English folk) about txting from NZ 2 UK

    Telecom NZ phones sometimes have problems texting your friends/family back home.

    Heard this from a friend that just got here from London.

    Vodafone works fine apparently. (Telecom and Vodafone are the only cell phone companies in NZ)

    Anyone have any experiences with this?

    When I was in Australia my Telecom phone wouldn't text to some #'s, but others was fine. When I came back to NZ it worked fine with the #'s it couldn't text to.

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    Default Warning to POM's (ye English folk) about txting from NZ 2 UK

    I had problems receiving texts from Taffy at one time, although he could receive them from me. Then I read in the paper that Oman was adding more countries to its Vodaphone collection (or was it that Vodaphone was adding more countries? :icon_redface: ) and suddenly everything started working for me.

    That obviously wouldn't apply to the UK where Vodaphone is widely available.

    This may be nothing to do with texting and the UK, but is still interesting for phone users in NZ while we're on the subject.
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    Default Warning to POM's (ye English folk) about txting from NZ 2 UK

    Yeah, folks have had a few problems receiving our texts occasionally and a friend texts me a big long tects with some telephone numbers in and it came out as random symbols. Couldn't understand a word of it. She text me a again, witha message and 1234567890 and it works fine. Bit weird.

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