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    Default allotments

    Hi, probably a silly question, but, do they have allottments in NZ?

    e.g. plots of land to rent for growing stuff :0)

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    Default allotments

    They're called 'Farms'! Just kidding..

    There are some places that I've seen as allotments, but I wouldnt know if they were rentable or if they were owned. I dont think the allotment thing is a big thing here as, depending where you live, you've usually got enough of a garden to dedicate to growing stuff if the mood takes you.

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    Default allotments

    I wouldn't imagine there'd be much in the way of space for allotments in the cities and suburbs if that's where you're thinking of heading. From what I hear of Auckland, anyway, the houses generally have tiny gardens as the plots have been subdivided to within an inch of their lives and built on. Further out from the city centres you could be lucky enough to get a place with a sizeable garden, as Taffy says.
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    Default allotments


    My friends just grow all their veg etc in their own garden, as MB and Taffy say the gardens out there are massive usually and you have plenty of space to grow things in there.

    Just a thought but you may want to contact some rental agencies who'd probably be able to give you some advice and tell you who to speak too?


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