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Thread: Is NZ ageist???

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    Default Is NZ ageist???

    Hello there, been reading throught the many topics and replies seem very helpful.

    I'm currently working as an Academic Secretary at a university in the North East of England.

    I bought a book about emigrating to NZ and it appears that it can be quite hard finding work when you're in your "middle years" ie 40+. I'm 46 married to my toyboy husband who's 36. We would be applying in hubby's name. He's in IT and meets the work experience/future growth criteria but would have to find work as doesn't appear to have the correct qualifications (having this checked out by the NZQA).

    I was hoping to find work at a uni in NZ - maybe Otago?

    Would really welcome any advice about the ageist thing to find out whether it's worth pursuing the dream.

    Thanks very much.

    Pauline :icon_confused:

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    Default Is NZ ageist???

    Hi Pauline,

    [img:6f7842e6e2][/img:6f7842e6e2] to the forum.

    I don?t hear too much about ageism in NZ, more so in Oz. Whether that?s true or not perhaps some of our members ?on the ground? can confirm. It certainly isn?t possible to apply for immigration through the usual channels once you?re over 55, but that?s not to say you wouldn?t be able to find a job once you?re in NZ.

    If you?re looking for work in the universities, here?s a list of NZ university websites. Perhaps you could drop them an email to ask what their policy is on employing older people and whether there is any age restriction. Association of Commonwealth Universities List of NZ universities and polytechs.

    And this is a link to a thread about members discussing academic jobs . There might be a couple of useful links in there for you.

    Good luck.
    Mother Bear

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    Default Is NZ ageist???

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! The links are really helpful. I know where I work now (Newcastle Uni) they are not ageist at all and welcome experience (not that I look or feel my age mind - least don't think I do!!!). I fully intend to get in touch with NZ unis via your links and see what (positive) response I get.

    Thanks again :icon_biggrin:


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