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Thread: Mothers' Day NZ

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    Default Mothers' Day NZ

    Here's a date for all you gents and kiddies to note down if you're about to make the move down under. Mothers' Day in NZ is different to that in the UK, so best to be informed well ahead of next year's event to avoid being whacked around the head with a frying pan.

    Happy Mothers' Day!

    [color=darkred:c807aeeeee][b:c807aeeeee]Fewer - and older - mums celebrate Mothers day [/b:c807aeeeee][/color:c807aeeeee]14.05.06 1.00pm

    New figures show fewer New Zealand women having children and those who are, are older than ever before Fewer mothers are celebrating Mothers Day this year, and those who are celebrating are older than ever before.

    Last year 57,740 women gave birth in New Zealand, down 360 on the previous year. Some mothers had double the excitement last year - 470 first time mums delivered twins and another nine new mothers had triplets.

    The median age of all women giving birth was 30, that is up five years on 1975 when the median age was 25. And if this Mothers Day is anything like last year some mothers will get an extra special gift, last year 138 babies were born on Mothers Day

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    Default Mothers' Day NZ

    So what? Is it Mothers day in NZ today (14th may)?

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    Default Mothers' Day NZ

    [quote:db0628e497="SteveyC"]So what? Is it Mothers day in NZ today (14th may)?[/quote:db0628e497]

    Yep :icon_biggrin: ..... I think it's always the second Sunday in May.

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