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Thread: how successful would this be

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    Default how successful would this be

    Hi to all,

    We are thinking of going to NZ on a work visa/permit.

    What I would like to know is, is it possible for us to work to residency once we are out there?
    Have we got to have particular jobs to beable to get residency?
    If we don't get jobs what are on the skills list but are not a burden on NZ resources would this be ok.(we won't have a mortgage)

    We have submitted our EOI but simply can't wait for that !


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    Default how successful would this be

    Hmmm there's a discussion going on along similar lines in the general section but this is slightly different so I'll have a bash.

    Simple answer - yes it is possible to work to residency whilst out there and the jobs don't have to be on the skill shortages list.

    However - It's probably best to stay in jobs that you are qualified in as a) you'll be more successful in finding a decent job and b) you won't ciome across the following problems.

    Whilst they don't have to be on the skill shortage lists they generally need to be skilled. You might not be a burden on NZ resources if you do any old job, but the Kiwi who could have had your unskilled job had you not taken it, most probably would be. You can't claim state beneifts, but the resident can and that's what he'll do if he's unemployed. Does that make sense?

    It's just a way of keeping their excellent unemployment record down.

    In the UK, we do the opposite, 'hey get the immigrants in to do the jobs that noone else will do (the unskilled ones).' Because they can't get the slobs, doping out on the dole to do them cos we're too pigging soft!!! Grrrr

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    Default how successful would this be

    Can I just add that I believe that any company that offers you a job should be on the list of accredited employers . This means they have been vetted by NZIS as being suitable and financially able to employ immigrants. They also have to prove that they've first tried to fill the position with a NZer, but have failed i.e. they mustn't be seen to give preference to an immigrant over a NZer, as Stevey points out.

    Welcome to the forum, by the way. Nice to have you along for the ride. :icon_biggrin:
    Mother Bear

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