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Thread: Moving to NZ what happens with the CSA payments

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    Default Moving to NZ what happens with the CSA payments

    Damn should have posted here sorry.

    Hi all,
    Could some one give an answer or tell me of their experiences.

    I'll be moving to NZ soon and will be leaving my x-wife and 2 children behind. I have spoken to my x-wife and the children and although they are not happy they have exepted my reasons. But the CSA is another story. At the moment I cant' find out where I stand legally with the CSA.
    Please can someone tell can the CSA come after me or not ?. We they try and apply pressure and do I listen to them. After all the CSA are very devious in the ways they work and may say alsorts of things to get me to carry on paying. But I need to know where I stand.


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    Default Moving to NZ what happens with the CSA payments

    Hi Desptogo,

    Welcome to the forum :006: .

    This is a pdf file which, if you read through it, does talk about non-resident parents and their responsibility to pay child maintenance. To me, non-resident means living out of the UK, but here it may mean living away from your family as well. There is mention of those living abroad as well though. It?s quite a long-winded document, but gives the impression that the CSA will make every effort to track you down.

    It also appears that a lot of people still do escape the net, but from what I?ve heard previously, you could experience trouble when you try to return to the UK. You will be clocked coming into the country and, if the CSA has any idea where you?ll head to in the UK, they?ll be knocking on your door within a few days.

    This particular document relates to those who have had their child maintenance assessed after March, 2003. If it was assessed before March, 2003, then this is the relevant document. Both documents talk about improvements that are going to be made within the CSA, so it?s best to be up to speed with what?s going on.

    This is the front page of the main CSA site if you want to delve further.
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    Default Moving to NZ what happens with the CSA payments

    Well I am in the reverse of your position and I can tell you that the UK CSA have no jurisdiction outside of the UK. They will not make you pay any child support to your ex while you are not living outside of the UK.

    I may be speaking out of turn here but why on earth would you want to stop supporting your two children? After all they are still your children no matter where you are living and they still require food, shelter and clothing!

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