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Thread: Make the most of the flight down!

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    Default Make the most of the flight down!

    Hi, I am looking at flying to Auckland via a 4 day stopover in Hong Kong.

    Just wondered what other people have done or are planning on doing?


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    Default Make the most of the flight down!

    We had this dilemma but decided that, they'd be plenty of opportunity to stop and explore asia on flights in the future. Decided moving to a different country was plenty adventure enough and get the journey over. :icon_eek:

    Instead we've opted for a 6 hour transfer in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. Seems like a long wait in a stuffy airport but if anything delays the flight from Heathrow, we'll be thanking our lucky stars we have a bit of leeway.

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    Default Make the most of the flight down!

    We had a 6 hour break at Dubai on our reccy. We went to the airport hotel, booked a room for 6 hours (they have hourly rates), had a shower and a nap and they gave us a wake-up call. Better than sitting around the airport.

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    Default Make the most of the flight down!


    When we came out last year for 3 weeks we stopped off in Kualar Lumpar as well, we got a hotel for the night close to the airport and managed to get some kip and freshen up before the second leg of our journey.

    When we come back across this year on our WHV we're hoping to stay a week in KL, hotels etc are so cheap....

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    Default Make the most of the flight down!

    When we made our trip in Jan. with Thai Air, we got a hotel room in Bangkok for our 7-hour stopover and had a shower and a lie down, which was very welcome after being in a sitting position for so long. It made us appreciate the time between flights more than if we were just hanging about in the airport. We did feel we'd had a break away from the plane.

    The hotel should have been within the airport complex, but the taxi driver took us to the wrong one (same chain, same hotel name but one was in the airport, the other outside - be aware, if you leave the airport on a short stopover, you have to pay airport taxes to leave the country again). Normally hotel rooms are free if you're on a short stopover of 8 hours or over (not sure what the maximum limit is), but we just managed to scrape in with 7 hours.

    On the way back from NZ we had an 18-hour stopover, so we had a good night's sleep in a hotel, several very nice meals in comfort and a little look at Bangkok. Both times we arrived at our destination feeling pretty chirpy.
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