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Thread: Move or not to move to NZ

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    Default Move or not to move to NZ

    Hi my name is Shannon. I am new to this site and Im looking for any information that can help make the move to NZ. My husband and I are both bored with our jobs and are looking to travel to NZ and work for a few years. Who knows maybe we will end up staying!!
    However with that being said I am not so sure how easy it will be to find a job.
    This point system really messes me up however from what I have calculated neither one of us has enough points.
    My husband has his AZ license (license to drive a transport truck), currently he is working as an armed guard for transporting money to/from Banks.
    For the life of me I cannot find any business's for armed guards in NZ.
    I am a customer service rep (for 11 yrs) a dime a dozen job, however once I arrived in NZ I am willing to work wherever to pay my bills and travel.
    We currently rent our home and have a small debt I would like to pay off before packing up and moving for a few years.
    Am I crazy to pack everything up put it in storage and take off for 2years or more? Especially since I am not even sure if we can gets jobs once we arrive in NZ?
    I have been to Nz approx. 6 yrs ago on a 3 month back packing trip so i kind of have an idea what NZ is all about. This will be a new experience for my husband!!!
    If anyone has any thoughts or ideas I would love to hear from you.

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    Default Move or not to move to NZ

    Hello Shannon! A warm welcome to the forum. :icon_mrgreen:

    You are indeed brave to just pack up and move to New Zealand. However in reality, there are many things to plan before you take the plunge.

    If you are married with kids, that makes the move very challenging as you have not only yourselves (hubby and wifey) to move but also kids who need some time and effort to get adapted to the new environment. You have to look for schools for them, more money needed and etc...

    If you are a couple without children, it is relatively easy to move there and look for a job but still can be tough. We have some members who succeed looking for jobs on a visitor visa and from there work all the way to permanent residency. It all depends I guess the time and money you have to spare while searching for the job and not to mention the determination you possess.

    Apart from moving there with or without children, you still have to face the possible objections from family members and being away from them (i.e. homesick) but perhaps with the change of environment, wide open spaces and friendly kiwis, it may not be that bad... Anyway, family members can still visit you on visitor visa so that is good.

    You mentioned that the point system under the SMC (Skilled migrant category) is confusing. Have you tried to use the online calculator to see if you qualified? I am sure you have visited the NZIS website but I just want to show you the link to the online calculator just in case you miss it.

    Also we have complied a extensive listing of websites regarding many things about NZ, it is worthwhile to take a look.

    This is just some of my views and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in this forum.

    All the best.


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    Default Move or not to move to NZ

    [img:de62ce4ca0][/img:de62ce4ca0] to the forum, Shannon.

    If you only want to go to NZ to work for a few years, you won?t be so focussed on getting Permanent Residency, to begin with anyway. Many people have made the move on just a visitor?s visa or a Working Holiday Visa (for under 30?s) and then managed to find work once in NZ. When you have a job offer, you can apply for a Work Permit. How easy it would be to find work is down to the availability of jobs in your particular line and in the area you want to settle, so there would be caution in giving you the thumbs up but it?s as good a way as any under the circumstances. As you are flexible about what you?d be prepared to do, you would, hopefully, pick something up relatively easily.

    I wonder if there?s no demand for armed guard jobs for your husband because NZ may not use them so much? I?m sure it will be easier for him to suss that out once he gets there. Perhaps it?s the type of job that isn?t advertised openly, due to security issues. He has another string to his bow though if he is licensed to drive trucks and may have more success in that area.

    If neither of you can amass enough points to apply that way, then going on a visit visa may be the only option open to you. If you are young, footloose and fancy free, now is the time to give NZ a go, otherwise you?ll always wonder what it would have been like. Good luck to you however you decide to make the jump to NZ.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default Move or not to move to NZ

    If you went backpacking 6 years ago, then I'd guess there's a good chance you're under 30, consequently you can get a WHV for about 45 quid, apply online if you fancy.

    This will entitle you to work for 12 months out of a 12 or 24 month stay. Which would be about perfect for you going on what you say.

    If you have to be content with my flattery and are indeed over 30 then arriving in NZ to work could be trickier as Mother Bear suggests. You'd need one of your jobs to be classified as skilled, in order to obtain a work permit. Otherwise you could be viewed to be taking a Kiwi's job prospects away as there are plenty of 'unskilled' workers, so turning up to do 'anything, might not really be an option.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Move or not to move to NZ

    Thank you for all the input I rec'd. It definitely makes me realize I really need to think this move through carefully before jumping in with both feet!
    Pulsarblu-we have no children. So I would like to think this would make my decision to move a little simpler!!
    Motherbear/SteveyC-we are footloose and fancy free......also heart! I am 36 and my husband is 45!!!!!!!!
    Time will tell if this adventure becomes reality or not. Thanks again!

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    Default Move or not to move to NZ

    All the VERY best! :icon_cool:

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    Default Move or not to move to NZ

    Hi Shannon,

    My husband and I are in the same sitation as you as well, we're bored with life in the UK and fell in love with NZ last Oct/Nov 05 when we holiday'd for 3 weeks.

    We decided in Nov when we came back from our holiday that we were going to make the move, we expained it to the family after they'd had a few drinkies on New Years Eve and have gone full steam ahead organising it since Jan 06.

    We've decided to go for the 23 month working holiday visa which you need a simple medical for, this allows you to work 12 months out of the 23 months which suits us, we're not sure if we want to go for PR straight away as we might find 2yrs is enough for us or we get too homesick. We're going to decide about 12 months into our stay what we're going to do as from what I can gather PR etc takes quite a while to sort out.

    I've been in my job in the UK for over 6 yrs and approached them in Feb to see if I could get a career break which means I have the opportunity to take 5yrs off and come back to a job if there's one available. This just gives us a bit more security. Dont know if this is something your work would do for you as well especially after 11yrs service! It's always worth a try.

    What I would say is that from the day you decide to go its a long and emotional process, we're trying to sell our house at the moment and our move date lies with when the house sells, so it's basically a waiting game.

    I hope all goes well and you make the right decision!

    Good luck

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