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Thread: Wellington, clean seas?

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    Default Wellington, clean seas?

    We are now considering Wellington as a place to live because of the creative/performing arts connections. There's a performing arts college there that we have been talking with about Lauren and who seem really keen to take her on (as does the university in Auckland actually), so wondering if any of you guys over there can fill us in on the weather there? Any grey days?

    I know everyone says it's windy but can you reliably inform us how windy, coz I'm not sure I could cope with constant windy weather. Having no idea of the size of the city, we can't tell how long it will take us to travel anywhere either. For e.g. if the school is central in town how long will it take to travel there from the Kapiti coast? Or is the south coast a better/nicer place? We would like to be near the sea.

    I keep imagining the sea to be much clearer and cleaner than it is here, is that right? Our seas seem to be brown or grey most of the time and the beaches are filthy, don't even like walking our dog on them!

    While I'm at it the other thing really makes me tipping!!! Wherre we are in the middle of Sherwood Forest, conservation area, ancient oak trees, tourist attraction and all that and everywhere you look there are mattresses, fridges, black bags of rubbish, wallpaper scrapings, used babies nappies, everything else imaginable just dumped in the trees at the roadside literally every 15 yards or so there's another pile. The council puts up loads of posters about catching the perpertrators but never seems to shift the crap they dump. If I caught them I'd dump all the rubbish I could find on their front garden.

    What is wrong with people? Please tell me that NZ'ers have more respect for their beautiful environment.

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    Default Wellington, clean seas?

    Hiya Dawn,

    I have to admit, Wellington was last on my list of places to settle when we origonally cam eover here nearly 2 years ago - mainly because of the wind. When w e visited here 4 or 5 years ago I nearly got blown over at the pedestrian crossing while we were waiting to cross- seriously! But when we came back 2 years ago it was a magnificent welly day and I really fell in love with the city. OK - it does have its windy days, but then so doea Aucklandk, and to be honest - even with my muscle disorder and difficulty walking, I haven't found it too bad. OK - I know not to go walking down by the westpac or along the quay on my own if its blowing hard (cos I'd end up flat on my face!), but it really hasn't stopped us from doing anything.

    Yes Wellington has it's wind, but it's a great city and the still, dry, sunny days totally make up for the occaisional wind that we get :) I can honestly say on a good day, you really can't beat Wellington.

    I would be a bit concerned about living as far away as the kapiti coast though.... maybe thats cos Im in the kiwi mindset now after being here for nearly 2 years... Is Lauren going to live away from home closer to college/uni? Only it's a good hour from the kapiti coast to Wellington and I know that when I was at uni, i really benefitted from living close to uni and to my friends for socialising etc - after all, thats a big part of it eh?


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    Default Wellington, clean seas?

    I thought that NZ was rather clean. I don't recall seeing drifts of trash on the beach or on the roads. The water was a better color and a bit clearer than what we have in CA, but can't recall how it compares with the UK.
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