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Thread: Ikea?

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    Default Ikea?

    Hi, is there anywhere like Ikea to buy home stuff in Auckland?

    Katie :icon_rolleyes:

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    Default Ikea?

    Hope so. Nottaking anything by way of furnishings

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    Default Ikea?

    Hi Katie,

    Since I am not in NZ I cannot provide the "ground" information, but have you consider making your own furniture? That will be so much FUN!!


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    Default Ikea?

    Ikea has just got to Australia, but not yet New Zealand.

    Cannot think what is sold in place of it here - you either buy cheap furniture (often kit furniture) made in Asia or pay a bit more for NZ made.

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    Default Ikea?

    Note that they are not doing anything till end June.

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    Default Re: Ikea?

    Ikea to arrive in 2008
    Monday November 6, 2006
    By Richard Inder

    Swedish homeware giant Ikea - famed for its cheap and stylish flatpack furniture - plans to open a store in Auckland within the next two years, the Business Herald has learned.

    The firm is said to have engaged Auckland consultants RCG to help it find a site for one of its giant stores. Sources say the company is seeking a site near Albany and hopes to open its doors in 2008.

    Ikea in Australia and Sweden and RCG declined requests for comment.

    The arrival of the firm will provide stiff competition for retailers such as Harvey Norman and Freedom Furniture. It employs more than 100,000 people in 34 countries, operating out of huge barns selling furniture, bathrooms and kitchens and everything in between. It is thought the firm's demand for such a huge site is one of the factors that have delayed its entry into this market.

    Ikea was founded in 1943 in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad. Its name comes from Kamprad's initials (I.K.) plus the first letters of Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd, the farm and village where he grew up.

    The sleek and simple furniture designs that have made its reputation came only after competitors prohibited the company from using their designs, because they feared Ikea's growing strength.
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    Default Re: Ikea?

    Funny, that. If it looks like we'll have extra room in the shipping container, we're going to 'stock up' at our local Ikea ... bunk beds for the boys, a couple extra book cases, and some household items.

    If you're nice, maybe I'll bring you something! ;D
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