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Thread: build your dream house

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    Default build your dream house

    Hi Guys

    I have just come across a site on house building with a forum if anybody interested.

    Poss useful for Taffy, Welshgirl And MB


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    Default build your dream house

    Thanks very much, Moose. Lot of interesting stuff on there. Will be of use to quite a few people I suspect as our lot aren't the only ones contemplating building or having their own place built. I'll add it to the Master Website List for safe keeping and future reference.

    Mother Bear

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    Default build your dream house

    yeah will certainly check out that link in due course, probably when we arrive, don't want to cloud my focus with too many dreams at the mo, PR is ambitious enough at this stage.

    What I really want to do is find an estimating tool somewhere where you can type in building materials and square metreage etc.

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