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    Default Coming to NZ

    Hi i am new !!!
    can anybody answer my question, i have been offered a job (and accepted) with a large construction company accredited to sort out my visas, they apparentley employ a legal firm to do this (phew), they said they would arrange for a 30 month work & student visas on our behalf, i have 2 children, my wife is training to become a midwife and will finish her 1st year at university in the summer, auckland uni will accept her for the 2nd & 3rd year, but to escape the huge fees in excess of nz17000 do we need to be PR, can i get this before i go, do i need to be working in nz for 2 yrs before i can get PR, i have previous convictions, which under the rehabilitation of offenders act would not need to be disclosed normally, will they now?

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    Default Coming to NZ

    Hi Ray

    Welcome to the fountain of knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have also been offered and accepted a job with a civil engineering contractor. My wife is a student nurse too. How weird!

    We have got our PR on the back of my job offer without any trouble. Saying that the goal posts for PR moved just before christmas - but a job offer should still put you towards the top of the list.

    Cant help you with Uni fees - not my subject area I am afraid.

    With reagrd to your previous convictions, you will need to submit a Subject Access Search from National Identification Service - this will highlight any prosecutions or convictions they have on record about you. Thats all I know - what inofmation is witheld under the rehabilitation of offenders is again an area I know bugger all about - but I am sure some one may be able to chip in with some info.

    Hope this gives youa start



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    Default Coming to NZ

    Hi Ray,

    If you are on a work permit, then your wife will be able to pay domestic university fees, which are about $3000 instead of $17k!

    Your previous convictions depend a lot on how long ago, how serious and success of your rehabilitation. Best course of action is to phone your nearest NZIS branch and ask an immigration officer. They will be able to tell you directly.

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Default Coming to NZ

    Thanks guys, advice taken on board,

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