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Thread: Emigrate 2006 Expo

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    Default Emigrate 2006 Expo

    Hi guys,

    Well we went, we saw and we didn't conquer but we did find out some useful stuff. i'd say if you can make it then go. Some good NZ exhibitors and some good general stuff like shippers, pet shippers, HIFX, banks and more. The seminars were ok with question and answer format, also opportunity to collar the panel after. Free parking but tickets ?12.50 on the door and ?3.50 per person per seminar.

    Well thats it from me, we'll be at the Opportunities NZZ one next sat.

    Helen. :icon_mrgreen:

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    Default Emigrate 2006 Expo

    Glad you found it useful, in my opinion every ounce of information is usefull...because you just never know that something you thought to be insignificant at the time can be the key to your quest to the land of the long white cloud.

    Good luck


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    Default Emigrate 2006 Expo

    Cool, sounds like it was good, we're going on Saturday also, more expensive tho:-(

    Was it busy can't imgaine this one coming up, being that busy being so specialist. We'll see tho as long as I get to speak to EVERYONE I don't care :icon_biggrin:

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