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    Default All under one roof

    Warehouse hypermarkets to take on supermarkets
    By Michelle DaCruz

    Come June, Warehouse shoppers can buy cauliflowers with their clothes. Yesterday, New Zealand's largest retailer announced it would open its first hypermarket in the Auckland suburb of Mt Wellington. The discount retailer also said it would offer food "priced competitively". With more rivals vying for New Zealanders' grocery dollars, the result could be slimmer food bills.

    The concept is part of the Warehouse's $60 million plan that could see up to 15 hypermarkets on new and existing store sites within five years. Chief executive Ian Morrice called the hypermarket a "quantum leap" for the company and New Zealanders.

    "This is the first time customers in New Zealand will get this level of convenience all under one roof," he said.

    The store will be the first to open in Kiwi Income Property Trust's new Sylvia Park shopping centre. The move pits The Warehouse against Foodstuffs, owners of New World and Pak'N Save, and Progressive Enterprises, which was purchased by Australia's Woolworths last year.

    The Warehouse's move into groceries comes as the company expands its range into beer, wine and prescription drugs.
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    Default All under one roof

    I hope the prices will be more competitive.

    Our local Warehouse sells some foodstuffs but, unless it is on a special offer, rarely is an item cheaper than that found at New World or Woolworths.

    Wonder about quality control too ... our Warehouse has a garden pot/plant/tool area and there are crickets chirping in that section of the store. ::)

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    Default All under one roof

    Wonder about quality control too ... our Warehouse has a garden pot/plant/tool area and there are crickets chirping in that section of the store. ::)
    Wow, free crickets for the pot! heehee

    I remember the prices for food in NZ supermarkets are priced lower than in Singapore where almost everything here are imported. The lower the food items, the better for many many people.


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    Default All under one roof

    I don't think I'd food shop at the warehouse, going by the way their current stock gets treated, the food wont stand a chance.

    I went to buy a fan heater the other day, got it home, fan was jammed, took it back. Grabbed a different model fan, took it home, fan and heater element were snapped off the mount causing it to jam and instantly over heat, so had to go back for a third attempt. So far so good with this one, but I'm not holding out much hope for a long life.

    Thats pretty much the way things are from the warehouse, you either get lucky or you get very unlucky. Pretty much everything electrical we've bought from the warehouse now resides in the bin.

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