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    Default help needed

    We are finally at the state where we now have a case officer, who has put my husband through the mill with extra medical tests, which i'm pleased to say he has finally pasted them all.

    however after passing these, we have now been informed that our agent did not do a sufficient business plan for our LTBV.
    so we need to start from scratch.
    can anyone please help us with this?
    as we used a useless agent we didn't get to see what he'd done,
    we were made to feel that we were wasting his time. in reality it now looks like he was wasting our time and of course an awful lot of our money.
    thank you.
    Wendie and Trev

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    Default help needed

    thats an absolute disgrace wendie.

    have you got any come back with the guy.?
    I'm sorry I can't help, wouldnt know where to start with a business plan..

    Have you tried a search of the web for computer software that helps with this,,
    or even eBay.

    It sounds like the sort of thing there might be templates or whatever for..

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    Default help needed

    Oh Noooo What a nightmare. Some of those so called immigration specialists need shot, how do they get away with it man.

    I agree it is a lot more complex doing it LTBV stylee, but it's such a shame I feel for you.

    Didn't Glenda do it this way, (I'm really sorry if you didn't Glenda)? Sounds like it would still probably be viable to get LTBV. Have you thought about getting a straight up business advisor to do business plan that would work anywhere? Surely this would be fairly cheap to do in the scheme of things (I mean you must have a few sheckles).

    Alternatively if you REALLY wanna go back to square one, how many points do either of you score on the SMC points indicator on the NZIS website.

    Let us know, and I'm really sorry for you, must really disheartening.

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    Default help needed

    Hi wendie,

    So sorry to read of the problems you've been having. There must be a decent agent out there surely ... the trouble is that we hear time and time again of the rotters. :icon_frown:

    I'm afraid we came on the old Business Investor Visa, which changed a few months ago. We did this without an agent which took two months to prepare with reams of photocopying. We did initially intend coming on the LTBV but were put off by the difficulties others had.

    I think you need all the help you can and there is a business visa site which is small and quiet but with good advice from the administrators. It is

    Good luck.
    In NZ since June 2005
    Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness - Chinese proverb

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    Default help needed

    hi stevey,
    i thought we had finished with all the stress what with using an agent. how wrong we are.luckily my husband is determined to get us all there. and seems to be coping with all the extra stuff we are now having to do.

    hi nattydread.
    we are going to look into getting our money back from the agent.
    but will wait until we have sorted the business plan out, as it is quite time and mind consuming, trev has found a site that may help him.

    hi glenda.
    we have posted a message on the site you suggested, now to wait for a reply.
    will let you know how it all goes.
    kind regards

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    Default help needed


    Would I be barking up the wrong tree if I asked if this is the sort of thing you?re looking for? It?s the NZIS site and sets out what they?re looking for by way of a business plan. If you scroll down to Section B Business Plan Information and continue on down, it lists the information they?re looking for in a Business Plan.

    I?ve probably got hold of the wrong end of the stick, but if it?s any help at all, that would be good.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default re :help

    thanks mother bear,
    I'm not sure if this is what we need either,
    but there is lots of info on it. I'm sure this will help my husband no end.
    kind regards

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    Default its tough

    Hi Wendie
    Sorry to hear about you upset.
    The LBTV looks daunting from wherever you sit.

    We have decided not to do anything until we reach New Zealand and then try to do it from there.
    The local Dunedin Council have been very helpful so fa and look to encourage new business and investment.
    Its a risk for us I know but we'l have time when we get there to really check into it and contact people they have passed onto us.

    But, If you get any joy on the LTBV help then I would be interested so we have some form of draft plan. Good luck.


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