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    Default House prices

    I know house prices must have gone up significantly in recent years (where haven't they :icon_rolleyes: ) but I was wondering if the property market has gone out of control.

    Would, say ?150,000, go far in most places that aren't in the middle of nowhere? I've looked at real estate on the Internet but it doesn't really seem to give me any idea of the average property prices.


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    Default House prices

    Tottefan, R u are refering to UK house prices or New Zealand house prices? My guess is that you want a comparison between UK and NZ.

    In general the price of houses in New Zealand and affordable compared to some countries and I read somewhere that New Zealanders have one of the highest home ownership in the world.

    The price of houses in New Zealand will vary much depending on location from 200k to more than 400k.


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    Default House prices

    [quote:a3f857822a="Pulsarblu"]The price of houses in New Zealand will vary much depending on location from [b:a3f857822a]200k to more than 400k[/b:a3f857822a].[/quote:a3f857822a]

    That would be NZ dollars.

    There are quite a lot of properties around from 200K upwards and talk is that the market has slowed now, so maybe prices will drop a bit at last (too late for us, though :icon_sad: ). As Pulsarblu says, prices vary considerably depending on which area you settle in. Rural tends to be cheaper than city/suburbs (or you get much more land for the same money) and inland is cheaper than coastal.
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