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    I've just watched Today with Trevor McDonald. It was about the shocking levels of violence against paramedics and nurses in towns and cities across the country.

    They took you through the average shift for a paramedic in Manchester. I lost count of the number of times violent behaviour was reported in Manchester city centre. Offences ranged from gangs throwing bricks at passers-by, gangs beating people, people being assualted and just general drunkenly behaviour. This all happened in one night!

    At the end of the programme, one expert was saying that nurses/paramedics now expect to be assualted at some point, such is the level of violence shown towards them. He said that 20 years ago a paramedic being stabbed/seriously assualted would have been in the national news, but now it so common.


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    Is there a website where one can acquire crime statistics for areas in NZ?

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    Crime stats are on

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