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Thread: Just out of interest...

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    Default Just out of interest...

    Of those of you who now live in nz, how many regret the decision to leave the UK and live in NZ? If you could turn the clock back, would you still be in the UK or are you happy with your decision?

    Just interested to know.


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    Default Just out of interest...

    if i was a betting man..
    i'd wager that the majority will answer

    not at all,

    no way,


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    Default Just out of interest...

    Hi tottefan,

    In my case (and I believe Taffy feels the same way, if not more so!) we have no regrets about leaving the UK. In all honesty, I've had a few moments of doubt during our first 15 months here, but every time I hear horror stories from the UK about the state the country is in (such as your posting about the emergency services and violence), it just reinforces my opinion that we're better off here. I am Welsh and will always be proud to be Welsh, but I'm also proud to be a Kiwi resident and glad that I decided to raise our daughter in a much safer environment. The UK, no doubt, still has some good points, but the experiences that we had whilst in the UK and the apparent gradual demise of the country since we left, leave me in no doubt that we want to be here.

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    Default Just out of interest...

    Well, I'm 100% happy I am here in New Zealand. Would not turn the clock back or anything. My kids feel the same and the things they have been missing ... like foodstuffs, are becoming less important to them.

    Hubby decided soon after the move that he was going to stay in the UK ... there were too many factors (unsold property, ailing father, etc.) to prevent him staying here and he realised (rather late) that he is better suited to the UK than NZ. I think he appreciates NZ is the better country for the kids, although he may also wish he could turn the clock back.

    I know of a expat who intends moving back to England as soon as the house here is sold. Another has recently left to go back for a year's trial period because one partner was homesick. Another four families I know about seem very happy here, but their personal feelings unknown.

    Guess there will always be those who are happy here, those thoroughly confused where they should be, and those who can't wait to get back to Blighty.

    In NZ since June 2005
    Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness - Chinese proverb

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    Default Just out of interest...

    We have no regrets at all about coming to live in New Zealand and have not once felt we had done the wrong thing. OK we miss the grandchildren etc. but with the phone and email we are always in touch.

    We have been here 11 months now and probably have more good friends here than we had in the UK. We love the NZ way of life and only wish we had made the move years ago.

    Perhaps for us it is different than for most people and we were able to retire when we got here. Therefore free of the need to find a job or get a mortgage we do not have some of the worries other may have and which can influence the decision to return to the UK. We have spoke to a number of people who have found it difficult, but in the main most are going to remain, for a number of reasons. The main one seems to be the better life NZ can provide for their children and here we would agree.

    If anyone is thinking of throwing in the towel our advice would be think long and hard and just think about why you left the UK in the first place.

    Pam & Dave

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