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Thread: North v. South

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    Default North v. South

    Hi all,

    Yesterday we finally received our passports back with our visas :icon_lol:

    We plan to move to NZ in September, depening on us getting the dog sorted in time.

    We have been thinking of living in Auckland as we only really stayed in the North when we visited last year.

    We just wondered really if anyone had lived in different places and what your thoughts were.

    I have heard a lot of good things about Wellington too.

    Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks :006:

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    Default North v. South

    Because by far the greater portion of the population of NZ is around Auckland this is where the jobs are. It is also, in my opinion, the place for entertainment and nightlife such as is found in most major cities of the world. Although we live in the area we do not live in the city environs - no way. We go in for what we want/need and then retreat to our semi rural life whre we know a lot of people that we meet on the street and are known by them.
    We also find that unlike many other expats, we don't want to experience the kinds of temperatures we endured for so long in the UK. The South Island is beautiful, but out of the frame for us - too cold - too remote - too few jobs - in short too few choices.
    The weather here at the North is just right for us, never ever too cold and only occasionally too hot.
    Having said all this it's horses for courses and one man's meat and all that!

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    Default North v. South

    Would agree with Daisyspop ... we wanted the warmer temperatures [i:39d1965c1e]all year round[/i:39d1965c1e] so that meant the upper North Island. Parts of the South Island can have higher summer temperatures but cooler winter ones too. To us the South Island is a lovely place to visit during the summer.

    It all depends on what work you are looking for as well as your preferences. If city size = work opportunities, the biggest is obviously Auckland, then I believe it is Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington ...

    In NZ since June 2005
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