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Thread: What shall we buy to put in our container?

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    Default What shall we buy to put in our container?

    I read somewhere that paint is expensive in NZ & if you have room in your container take as much as you would need to paint your prospective house. Apart from flying home to B&Q for another pot (those kiwi homes are bigger than they look on real estate websites!), it seems a logical idea as long as the pots dont spill!

    Does anybody, obviously NZ dwellers will be the best help here,have any suggestions as to what is worth bringing over in the spare space of the container? My Brother wants me to bring him some Morso cast iron LPG stoves, as Nelson has introduced a ban on new woodburner stoves in houses - reckons he can flog them on and make a few $$$$, sounds more like Arthur Daly meets Del Boy kiwi style.

    Seriously any ideas would help us fill our container and not feel like we are paying for fersh air!



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    Default What shall we buy to put in our container?

    I'm pretty sure I read on the MAF site somewhere that you need a permit or some kind of permission to import paint. No doubt due to the environmental impact of some of the dodgey paints.

    Panels and parts for old fords is a good one to bring, i'm having a bugger of a job finding any!

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    Default What shall we buy to put in our container?

    Remember not to get carried away with filling the container with stoves etc. The container is supposed to contain household effects for your own use and supposedly bought at least 12 months ago (though I think the 12 month rule is more often implemented with motor vehicles etc. than furnishings). The removal people do an inventory which is checked at MAF/Customs here and whilst you may get away with one or two stoves, etc., any more and they might just possibly query it and charge import tax.

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    Default What shall we buy to put in our container?


    I was really only joking about the stoves, it did seem like a good idea after a few beers though!

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