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Thread: Toll roads in Auckland?

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    Default Toll roads in Auckland?

    [b:799c9d9b81]Transit NZ unveils tolling increase to help fund transport projects [/b:799c9d9b81]
    22.02.06 1.00pm

    Tolls will be needed if Auckland's traffic jams are to be cleared in the next 10 years, highway building agency Transit New Zealand said today. Transit's draft 10-year building programme released today outlines expected spending, and proposed start and finish dates for roading projects around the country over the next decade.

    The 2006/07 to 2016/17 is the largest ever, with $12 billion up for grabs over 10 years. A large number of major projects outlined in last year's forecast have been put off because of a $35 million funding cut made by Land Transport New Zealand, and because funding availability is $685 million less than projected last year. Transit is responsible for building and maintaining state highways with money allocated by Land Tranport New Zealand, which is responsible for planning and funding the overall land transport strategy

    The Western Ring Route (WRR) in Auckland is Transit's top priority project, but the intended 2015 completion date is dependent on Aucklanders paying $860 million in tolls over the next 10 years. The WRR will provide an alternative route from Manukau to Albany.

    Transit said without any funding from tolls, completion would be significantly delayed. Transit will also be reviewing the way tenders are awarded to try to save money. In Transit's priority list, which ranks all road projects in terms of urgency, Auckland accounts for 18 of the top 20, most of them to do with the WRR.

    The public is encouraged to make submissions on the draft plan before March 24. Public discussions will be held in 16 towns during April and the final plan is expected to be released in late June.
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    Default Toll roads in Auckland?

    Coming from a place (Orlando) with a few toll roads of our own (one going east/west through the heart and one going around the perimiter)....

    I think toll roads are a viable option. If people/politicians aren't keen for a new public transport system (i.e. light rail), then toll roads seem to be the best option.

    As long as the crucial routes (Harbour Bridge, southern motorway, western motorway, etc) aren't made into toll roads I'm all for it.

    But if they make the Harbour Bridge a toll road....that acheives nothing. Toll roads (in my opinion) should be alternative routes to the main route. And tolling an existing crucial route will only make traffic worse and add unnecessary costs for motorists who don't really have another choice (well, they could spend an extra 30-40 minutes going around the harbour).

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    Default Toll roads in Auckland?

    Interesting letter in yesterdays NZ Herald. Since, the writer posited, 24% of unlicensed cars are in Auckland, the owners should be prevented from purchasing petrol without a wof certificate ( also means the vehicle is licensed). Apparently he has spoken with the appropriate government department who think he is on to something. Why didn't one of them think of it? It must be fairly simple, given the forecourt technology of the average filling station, to make it work.

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