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Thread: NVQ Recognized?

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    Default NVQ Recognized?

    Hi, Can anyone help? My husband and I want to move to New Zealand in the near future with our 2 boys. Can anyone tell me if NVQ's are at all recognized. I have an NVQ 3 in early years and education and am wondering if I will be able to class this as a basic qualification? :icon_rolleyes:

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    Default NVQ Recognized?

    Hi Cazanwood, a warm welcome to the forum!

    I am not based in UK so I am not that sure with NVQs. I checked on the web and understand that it means National Vocational Qualifications. It is very much similar to our VC qualifications in Singapore.. Yep, we have somewhat similar systems in Singapore with UK..

    I cannot comment much although I wish I can help you... maybe someone on this forum based in UK can comment. I suggest that you check with NZQA to get your qualifications evaluated at this link.

    Do you intend to migrate to NZ based on the Skilled Migrant Category? Do you intend to apply as the main applicant or your husband because NZIS mainly looked at the qualifications of the main applicant.


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    Default NVQ Recognized?

    Hi Cazanwood,

    If you do a search using 'NVQ' as the subject, it'll bring up all the other previous posts on this which may help you, more so the second from the bottom thread.
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    Default NVQs

    Hi, I know that New Zealand has the NVQ system in place much like in Britain. I am an assessor myself and came across information today on the Learning Skills Council web site. I would imagine if you already have one they will be familiar with what is involved and if you are wanting to take one then there should be the opportunity providing you meet the funding criteria. Hope that helps.

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    I also have NVQ L3 in Early years and had mine verified, it comes out as level 4 in NZ. I am currantly finishing my Foundation Degree in early years and will get this verified in June. It was about 4 years ago now that I had it checked. Hope this helps

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