[b:59e3394cf9]Pupils paid $50 to go to school [/b:59e3394cf9]

17.02.06 10.00am

A Wellington secondary school's plans to give $50 to pupils who don't miss a single class this year has received a mixed reaction from parents. Wellington High School will pay the money to any of its 1000 students again this year after 13 collected for their perfect attendance last year. But not all parents are pleased with the plan.

"I will be deducting the $50 that the school seems to think it can afford from my kids' school fees," one mother told The Dominion Post. " I don't think it's a very positive way to encourage attendance," said another.

But principal Prue Kelly said the school was only rewarding excellent pupils.

"We try to think of things to give out at our prize giving that are relevant to kids today," she told the paper. "Some people might think that's terrible, but I think it's a marvellous thing."

Principals Federation president Pat Newman said the $50 would actually save money.

"It's a hell of a lot cheaper than $40,000 a year in jail when they're adults and haven't had an education."