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Thread: jury duty

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    Default jury duty

    just wondered..

    as a uk citizen living in nz, are you still eligible for jury duty?

    if you get summoned for it, do you need to get back here to do your bit?
    What if you get called up when you're about to leave...?

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    Default Re: jury duty

    [quote:fa84dec4b1="nattydread"]if you get summoned for it, do you need to get back here to do your bit?[/quote:fa84dec4b1]

    They'd have to find you first. I really don't think they'd expect you to return to the UK for jury service, unless of course they were prepared to pay your ticket and full expenses, as you wouldn't necessarily have a home there any more. I would assume you'd put forward extenuating circumstances if you were on the verge of leaving for NZ.
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    Default jury duty

    You could just tell them to get stuffed!

    As MB says, they'd have to find you first. I don't believe they can call you up as a resident of another country anyway.

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