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    Default medical care

    :icon_rolleyes: We are moving from Australia to NZ next month.
    I need some info about the medical system.
    In WA we have public medical where you pay $30-40 to see Dr and claim all but $10 back. Some things like Hospital ops, are bulk billed so the government pays for it with no out of pocket expences OR you can pay for private medical ins.
    I need to know what the NZ system works like.Thanks.

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    Default medical care

    I don't know if it makes any difference that you are (or may be) an Australian resident or citizen and would have certain rights, but I don't think so.

    From the little I know, you pay anything up to $50 plus cost of medication (about $15 per item) per visit to a GP (it varies from practice to practice) and, if you are referred on from there, say for an X-ray or blood test etc. I think that's covered and you don't have to pay extra as it's at the doctor's request. I haven't heard of anyone being able to claim back any part of the payment. For UK citizens all accident type injuries are seen without payment under the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) agreement. I'm not sure how it affects people from other countries.

    If I've got it wrong I'm sure someone will enlighten me
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    Default medical

    Thanks for your reply. I did manage to find out that being Aussie, NZ and Aust have an agreement that works both ways. Kiwis can come here with no immigration BS and we can also go that way. Out medical covers us over there the same as here. Same system.
    The government partially pays for most things and totally for others.

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