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Thread: Are there jobs for Electrical/Electronic Test Engineers?

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    Default Are there jobs for Electrical/Electronic Test Engineers?

    We're thinking of applying to NZ but want to know if my hubby has any chance of finding a decent job first.

    He's an electronic test engineer and currently works for a company that manufactures recording desks for films and radio stations etc. He has a HNC in Electrical/Electronic Engineering and over 10 years experience.

    What do you think our chances are of making a decent life in NZ? We have 4 children and live in a small 3 bed terrace in NW England - will we be OK in NZ? :icon_confused: Hubby only earns around ?14k (badly underpaid) and we have ?40k mortgage on a ?100k house (thank you property market! LOL).

    thanks :icon_biggrin:

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    Default Are there jobs for Electrical/Electronic Test Engineers?

    i would have thought that with current way things are in the nz film industry, your husband would get work without too much hassle..

    a couple of good job sites are ..

    also check out the immigrations services website because that explains a lot about the identified clusters, one of which is related to the film industry in (wellington I think)...

    Look around this forum too, i'm sure there are a few electronic engineer types hanging round on here..

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    Default Are there jobs for Electrical/Electronic Test Engineers?

    He may fall into the category of Electronic Service Technician (NZSCO 72421) which is on the Immediate Skills Shortage List which in itself implies that there is work available. This will add also add points to your EOI and the HNC + 10 years of related work experience will add even more (NZQA will need to assess the HNC and will probably award 50 points for it).

    In theory he should be able to work in any field as he will be able to read circuit diagrams and can in effect adapt his skills to service any product with a PCB inside.

    Not sure on the money side of things but you will not be any worse off but gain the opportunity to enjoy a much better lifestyle. Positive Equity is giving me to chance to live that lifestyle (If only the house would sell).

    ?60K will be a very good deposit ($150K) and generally NZ houses are more spacious even with 4 children.

    Go for it

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