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    Default City of Sales

    Based on the Gt. South Road in Takanini, South Auckland, this car trader has proved to epitomise the service we have come to expect since arriving in NZ.
    We bought a car from them for a fair price, having traded in our Estima. A week later we drove down to a friend's wedding in Lower Hutt. The drive down was comfortable and uneventful, we were very happy with the car. On the return journey, just as we were approaching Hamilton, I had to brake and appeared to be 'hitting metal' horrible crunching noises and juddering brought us finally to a halt. On inspection the engine started immediately but I could only get reverse gear. Any attempt to go forward was met with solid resistance and crunching. So we called the AA who came out inside 40 minutes as promised . They had a small tow truck with a straight towing bar which proved to be useless. They looked under the whell and told me that the CV joint had collapsed and that I would need to be lifted on to a carrier. Kind Kiwis in the house outside which we had broken down and taken my wife and kids off to a hotel in Hamilton who managed to squeeze five of us into a two room suite. I phoned the dealer (at 6pm on a Sunday) who , without hesitation told us that they would send out a carrier in the morning and would cover all expenses without question. The AA took me to the hotel leaving the car by the roadside.
    Problematically we had booked a bach at Whitianga for 5 days and were due there on the following day, Monday.
    The day dawned and, as promised the truck arrived to drive us back to Takanini. Once at the car sales yard we were led to a Mitsubishi Delica already filled with diesel and told to take the vehicle and enjoy our holiday whilst our car was repaired. We were fully reimbursed for expenses on the spot and received unreserved apologies.
    Yesterday we came back from our holiday to find the car repaired, cleaned, and with a full tank of petrol. Want to buy a car and live in the Auckland area? Guess who we would recommend?

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    Default City of Sales

    i'm not going to be living in Auckland.. but I reckon it'd be worth the journey up from masterton to check that place out..

    What a great story..

    I can only imagine the response you'd get from a car dealer here..

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    Default City of Sales


    Great tale :icon_sad:

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