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Thread: Muslims struggle for jobs

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    Default Muslims struggle for jobs

    Muslims struggle for jobs
    19 January 2006

    Over half of Christchurch's adult Muslim migrants are unemployed ? the worst rate in New Zealand, Muslim groups say.

    The Muslim Association of Canterbury says this is despite many adults being highly trained professionals with years of higher education.

    Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand president Javed Khan said Muslim unemployment was a problem throughout the country, but Christchurch's figures seemed much worse than anywhere else.

    After more than 500 job applications, information technology (IT) specialist Abdelfattah Qasem, who is secretary of the Canterbury association, is still unemployed.

    Of the hundreds of jobs he has applied for during the four years he has lived in New Zealand, Qasem has had only one telephone interview.

    There are about 3000 Muslims in Christchurch, and Qasem said well over half of the Muslim adults in the city could not find jobs.

    Many people were IT specialists, doctors, engineers or teachers in their home countries and had assumed that their degrees and international experience would make getting a job in New Zealand easy.

    "There are so many opportunities here, and this is what we see on the internet and this is what immigration says, but no immigration or anyone can force people to hire certain people," Qasem said.

    He is from Palestine and has an IT degree from a private institute in Texas.

    He had more than 20 years experience in the industry as an IT manager and consultant in Kuwait, earning about $NZ100,000 a year, before he came to New Zealand.

    Most of his rejection letters said the firms had found someone who met their requirements better than he did, Qasem said.

    When he applied for lower positions, he was told he was over-qualified.

    Qasem said the unemployment problem was frustrating for Muslim families, and in some cases led to divorces or depression. He estimated that 25 per cent of people ended up returning home.

    Enterprise Recruitment manager of IT recruitment Alan Diepraam, who was shown Qasem's curriculum vitae yesterday, said Qasem's qualifications and experience looked good on paper, but IT was a specialised industry and applicants had to fit a long list of requirements. Qasem has never been in full-time work in New Zealand.

    Family members were lucky that his job in Kuwait had given them enough money to buy a house in Christchurch, but it was hard not having a steady income, Diepraam said. Qasem has not been able to afford to send his three children home to visit friends and family.

    Mohammed Jabawe, who is the head of Christchurch's Iraqi community, has a PhD in architecture and city planning from the University of Manchester in England. He worked for a decade overseas before coming to Christchurch 10 years ago.

    Unable to get a job suited to his qualifications here, he did odd jobs until he bought a dairy in Avonhead five years ago.

    Jabawe said one of the hardest parts of unemployment was not the financial strain but that the education and skills he had were going to waste. "I feel sorry because I know we have intelligence. It's not money, it's education," he said.

    Office of Ethnic Affairs director Mervin Singham said employers were often afraid of the risks in taking on someone from another country.

    Singham said host countries needed to realise the benefits of hiring people from overseas and the advantages linguistic and cultural diversity could bring to businesses.

    In December 2004, the Depart-ment of Labour set up a natural-settlement strategy that includes goals for improving employment opportunities for migrants and refugees.

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    Default Muslims struggle for jobs

    What a shame.
    I was never racist before believing for many years that the world should be a melting pot. People living together in harmony whatever their colour or creed and not causing harm or hindrance to others.
    Fanatics and fundamentalists of all creeds fall outside of this + unfortunately Muslims in general.
    Islam as a religion is just about the only one in a general, meaningful and practical sense that wants everyone to live under Islamic ways and laws. Most religions accept that people are different and are happy to live and let live. Islam does not believe this. Moderate Muslims- there are hardly any such people. The only reason some Muslims pay lip service by saying they deplore the violence etc is due to the society they live in and not what they really believe.
    I suggest that you speak to Muslims who seem to be moderate and 'westernised' as I have done. I have had many colleagues and acquaintances who are Muslim and seemingly carrying on with their normal lives in a similar way to most other people. But when you discuss matters with them deeply, as I have done, it is absolutely amazing to hear the brainwashed ideological clap trap that comes out. It would not matter if it was only meant to effect their lives and not others but ridiculously they think that all should suffer in their ways.
    For instance one of my friends was a young lady in her 20's who is a 1st class honours graduate from Oxford University with a top job earning over 100K GB Pounds a year and practicing aerobics and a variety of other modern pursuits with a seemingly (on the surface at least) very westernised outlook. She would never wear a hajib or robes, but when I visited her family home it was almost like walking into the dark ages with various religious scrolls all over the place etc.
    And when having reasonably meaningful chats with her about life and philosophy etc i was quite surprised to find out that deep down she believed that the world should be Islam and even UK should be an Islamic state etc. You may ask why she told me? It is because I enjoy this type of discussion and can be quite insistent that people answer me probing questions etc..
    I now realise that the one large faith that cannot live with the rest of humanity in a decent, tolerant and understanding way is Islam. And I am very upset with myself for now despising Islam and Muslims in general, especially as it goes against my basic feelings and beliefs.
    Without being too dramatic I think this problem is going to get worse and worse in the World as Islam does not accept the premise of Live & Let Live.
    What the solution to this will be heaven only knows. I doubt a solution exists.
    When you have believers of a faith like this thinking that they will go to everlasting paradise when they give up their lives in suicide bombs etc. what possible chance has anyone got to persuade them otherwise?? And it cannot be too long before technology will enable them to have small nuclear bombs, and incredibly potent poisons for the water systems, and all manner of new biological warfare that we have as yet not even thought about.
    For this inevitable advance in mass destruction technology the world has much to fear and I suggest that there is a strong possibility that the earth and humanity will probably end up destroying a large percentage of themselves in the next few 100 years if not this century.
    In conclusion New Zealand would in my opinion be a far better place without Muslims, so if the original posting helps to dissuade Muslims from coming to new Zealand, so much the better.

    I would ask that any moderator rereads what I have written before considering about removing my post. It is my personal opinion borne out of experience and I am not being rude nor vulgar.

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    Default Muslims struggle for jobs

    can't comment too much to be honest as i don't know any muslims very well at all..
    however, to say new zealand would be a better place without them seems a bit harsh.
    I thought you said you were happy to live and let live...

    Interesting post though..

    I hope it doesn't get deleted, I don't think it will, they're pretty reasonable..
    (not sure about the pretty bit mind you, but they're reasonable)

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    Default Muslims struggle for jobs

    We've been friends in the UK with a Muslim family for five years and I would (somewhat hesitantly) agree with Adventurer's opinion to some degree based on what we have learned from this one family.

    To the world our friends seemed Westernised. Western clothing, no hajibs, no obvious religious dedication - we even exchanged Christmas presents. The only difference seems to be the absence of pork and alcohol in their diet and the fathers insistance that his daughters, now they are early teens, do not expose their bare legs. We decided to go into business with them, had meals and barbeques with them, their kids played with ours, shared problems ... all the things friends do.

    What we have learnt is that most Muslims know of many other Muslims in Britain, and they know who the extremists are, at best from rumours only. They consider Britain their home but would ideally like it to be more Muslim, and trust it will be in time, with good 'marketing' of their religion. A lot of Muslims are shocked by the violence and murder (as we are) but also because it undermines their influence in society. However, some do get a buzz from the thought of a 'holy war' speeding the spread of the Islamic word.

    In some ways we emphasised with our friends as we wanted our children to grow up in a better society, as they do. We've supported them and they have done much to help us. Their religion has not been an issue in our friendship, although some comments made by them about their religious outlook on life have left us not sure on how to reply. It was at times like this that we became acutely aware of the bond they had with millions of Muslims all over the world. Looking at the larger picture, though, I can understand why a lot of people feel there seems to be an underlying threat with Muslims you do not get with Hindus or Buddhists, etc.

    (Not much input there about Muslims in NZ other than if I was an employer, I would not hesitate to employ a Muslim who was suitable for a job.)

    In NZ since June 2005
    Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness - Chinese proverb

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    Default Muslims struggle for jobs

    Hmmm, quite a post for your second one Adventurer. Be interesting to see how it pans out, if anyone appears drastically offended by it or the post becomes a huge religious debate that would put of potential newcomers to the forum, I'd move it to the coffee shop at worst. I can't help but agree largely to what you say, but a whole religion shouldn't be generalised cos (with everyting) the minority are fanatics or fundamentalists.

    Integration is the key with me tho, I don't care about colour or creed but don't move to a country and not try and fit in. If thet's the case then such folk should be ejected from the countries borders without further ado. Sparkhill/Handsworth/Lozells/Nechals , Birmingham could be vibrant inner city neighbourhood once more. It'd be great :icon_biggrin:

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    Default Muslims struggle for jobs

    No arguments from me either. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I wouldn't consider this a racist post, as religion is not determined by race.

    I find the muslim faith somewhat frightening in what they believe, but can't say I'd tar everyone with the same brush. I've no doubt there are many Christians, Jews, and whatever else that wish the world was more 'their' faith. I've no doubt that the 3rd world war will be down to religion, and that it will be the war that dictates the future of the whole planet.

    As long as this post doesn't go down to a personal level, or as Stevey said no-one is particularly offended by it, then it will remain.

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Default Muslims struggle for jobs

    hehe or noone could post anything further rendering it obsolete anyway lol. That settled that!!!

    Dodgy about Hamas getting into power in Palestine aint it. There's gonna be a war man, it's gonna get crazy. Must get out soon!!! Too many crazy people with Nuclear technology at risk of getting angry

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