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Thread: somewhere to live and communting

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    Default somewhere to live and communting

    I have a job in Manakau city, car comes with it. We are looking at settling around the east coast, Howick, Bucklands downwards. Have considered Franklin County as well. The Mrs wants to live next to the sea and after 10 years in London fair enough.

    Any experiences of these places, we live in a multi cultural part of London now (although what part isn't) and would like to have this too.

    Don't care too much on shops as long as we can get some of the basics, we have a little baby and would look to some childcare and lastly how are these agents for renting houses any good ones? Do all unfurnished houses come with white ware?

    hope you can give me some ideas - oh want would the commute be like?


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    Default somewhere to live and communting

    we always planned on being up that way.

    I know it's to the west a bit, but I always fancied Clarks Beach.
    Easily commutable for you I think.

    If you search google for it, you'll find a couple of sites with a few pictures.

    Daisyspop will probably know it a little bit as he lives in our second choice , Pukekohe.

    I don't imagine that was too helpfuil for you, sorry.

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