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Thread: Fingers crossed, 2 weeks to go

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    Default Fingers crossed, 2 weeks to go

    Well, 2 weeks to go until I arrive in Auckland. As I said before i am taking a wee gamble and am just going to try and get a job. I am flying with Cathay pacific..great price ?685 but just found out that I only get 20 Kg of baggage allowance (no golf clubs then!) Can you believe ?36 per kilo of excess baggage!!!

    I am looking for a job in Health and Safety and have applied for a few but with no success as yet. Hopefully once I am there then people will see how serious I am in staying.

    I would appreciate any advice etc from anyone from buying a banger car to possible rental accomodation (staying with brother in law to start with).

    good luck fellow kiwi wannabe's


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    Default Fingers crossed, 2 weeks to go

    i've seen a few reasonable looking motors on there for a couple of thousand dollars..
    depends what your after i guess..

    good luck mate..

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