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Thread: biker needs advice

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    Default biker needs advice

    hi guys O:)
    just wondered if anybody can help with any info on motorcycle trackdays in nz
    are they popular, locations ect??
    and has anybody imported a motorbike converted for the racetrack it has a v5 but no lights indicators or speedo so not sure if best to sell now and buy one when we arrive :icon_question:

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    Default biker needs advice

    [size=24:002a82aec8][color=red:002a82aec8]YOU MAD MAD MAN[/color:002a82aec8][/size:002a82aec8]

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    Default biker needs advice

    Monkeyboy, as long you keep that bike of yours off the 'real' roads, i guess without indicators or light and Speedo is fine, haha!

    But if you intend to ride on the 'real' roads then without those needed accessories then I am afraid you will be a nuisance. :icon_wink:

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    Default biker needs advice

    Monkey boy from vague news items I have seen, trackbikes and events are popular here.

    I also suspect that after The worlds fastest indian movie it will get a boost as well.

    Maybe some net searching would help you, try google.

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    Default biker needs advice

    hi mate,

    one of the members of the forum, bikershaz, and her other half are either intending to take bikes to nz or have already taken them...(at least i think it was them..)

    it migt be worth sending her a pm.
    she hasn;t been on for a while though I don't think.

    and also, i think nick (of Nick&Jacky fame) is hoping to possibly take over an old MG, same rules probably apply to cars as bikes in this case..

    year round track days.. sounds good doesn't it..

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