[b:ef2fb0189c]26 police officers faced criminal charges in 2005 [/b:ef2fb0189c]


Twenty-six police officers appeared in court in the past year for crimes that included selling P, indecent assault and fraud. According to papers released under the Official Information Act, 10 officers were convicted, two were acquitted and one discharged, and 13 cases were continuing.

Police human resources general manager Wayne Annan said the charges against officers in the past year included several assaults, an indecent assault, fraudulently obtaining $500 and selling P, pure methamphetamine. As well as the criminal hearings, 41 police officers had been stood down or suspended pending misconduct investigations since January 2003.

Police Association president Greg O'Connor said the fact police misconduct still made the news showed it was not a big problem. "Although it's a very low rate, any misconduct is still too high." He acknowledged any misdeeds by police reflected badly on all officers. This was why people were so determined it should not happen, Mr O'Connor said.

Figures released this year showed up to $3 million in salaries had been paid to police officers stood down on full pay. Of these officers, 36 had been on full pay for more than two years and a further 11 for more than a year.