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Thread: Christmas in New Zealand

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    Default Christmas in New Zealand

    [i:c2b7185e46]For others who are struggling to feel christmassy.
    It seems worth sharing.[/i:c2b7185e46]

    [b:c2b7185e46]24th December[/b:c2b7185e46]

    The machines shudder into silence.
    The last sheep slides down the chute
    and staggers out of the shed, giddy
    with the sudden weight loss.
    The shearers, glossed with sweat,
    straighten their backs and nudge
    open the lid of the chilly bin. They
    sit with hands wrapped around cans,
    sweet coldness against cracked
    fingers, while outside a tui gargles
    the heat and spits it out in two clear
    long notes. The shed hand rolls a can
    across his brow, and says, "It's
    beginning to feel like Christmas." On
    the back lawn, near the potato patch,
    the woman creaks the revolving line
    as she unpegs clothes stiff with
    sunlight. The smell of summer is
    mixed with noise, pungent cicadas,
    loud brass marigolds, and the grass
    beneath her bare feet is as warm as
    cat's fur. She looks over her
    shoulder and reminds herself to dig
    some new potatoes for tomorrow,
    and she thinks with sudden pleasure,
    It's beginning to feel like Christmas.
    The children and the dog have been
    in the pool but the dog in excitement,
    bit the plastic and now the pool is
    collapsing, pouring water over hot
    concrete. The children run through
    the flood, making footprints that dry
    in seconds. "Happy birthday to you,"
    they sing, "Happy birthday, dear
    Their grandad at the kitchen window,
    remembers his own childhood. He
    thinks of all the small footprints that
    have stomped the earth since that
    little fellow in the stable, and he
    smiles as he dries the dishes. It
    sure feels like Christmas.

    [b:c2b7185e46]Joy Cowley[/b:c2b7185e46][i:c2b7185e46]Psalms for the Road[/i:c2b7185e46]

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    Default Christmas in New Zealand

    You may also want to listen to the song 'Christmas in the summertime' by the Funky Monkeys ( Surreal.

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Default Christmas in New Zealand

    Similarly Singapore also celebrate Christmas in Summer, well we are always in summer all year round... :icon_cool: Oh put on those shades.

    Though we have no freezing temperatures but the atmosphere is sure warm and I am sure it is the same too in New Zealand.


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    Default Christmas in New Zealand

    [b:2375639495]Santa likely to be dodging showers on the big day [/b:2375639495]

    By Anne Beston

    Christmas shoppers scampered through the rain in Auckland yesterday but the wet weather should lift in time for Christmas Day - maybe. The outlook for Sunday is for fine weather for most of the North Island although parts of the South Island could get showers later on.

    "We're in a clearing phase between fronts although at the moment we've got some of the usual unsettled December weather coming through that we're all used to," said MetService forecaster Ramon Oosterkamp. "Most of us should do reasonably okay on Christmas Day but that could all change, it's a very mobile situation at the moment."

    Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch should be mostly fine on Christmas Day although a front approaching from the Tasman Sea could bring showers to Christchurch and Fiordland towards evening. But last-minute present buyers are likely to need a brolly for most of this week as a low pressure system lying west of Fiordland brings rain to much of the country today, with showery southwesterlies in the south of the South Island and showery northwesterlies over the central and northern North Island.

    A trough will bring a disturbed southwest flow over much of the country on Thursday and Friday. After Christmas, showers or rain is once more expected over much of the country.

    [color=green:2375639495]Don't like the sound of the last bit, as it won't be long after that we're arriving.[/color:2375639495]
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default Christmas in New Zealand

    [quote:ed20d19de0="Taffy"]You may also want to listen to the song 'Christmas in the summertime' by the Funky Monkeys ( Surreal.[/quote:ed20d19de0]

    Cute website. ::):

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