I don't know if people on this forum are already aware. Kindies are all going to charge a set rate per child from next year. Hitherto there has been a voluntary contribution (in our case $10 per week) and kindies have been plagued with the need to constantly engage in fundraising since a significant proportion of parents don't pay. The real difference that the new system will make is that fundraising will not be so necessary. Parents who genuinely can't afford the fees can claim a benefit which under the present system they can't. I understand that the set fees are something around $2 per hour - still a lot cheaper than paying for private care as I well know.
Daisy is 5 just after Christmas and so will enter primary school on her birthday (that's how they accept them here), so we won't be paying for more than a week for her in 2006. On the other hand she is going into a high decile rural school so we can confidently expect to be digging deep whilst she is there.