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    [b:da67821e5b]Ice swimmer plans new world record dip
    05 December 2005 [/b:da67821e5b]

    CAPE TOWN: Sporting just a swimsuit, a swimming cap and goggles, Lewis Pugh plots to conquer the icy Antarctic waters.

    The solicitor braved the Arctic Ocean in August and now plans three long distance swims in the Antarctic, the first to accomplish such a feat in both of the world's coldest seas.

    "Its the last boundary of polar exploration," Pugh, 35, told Reuters as he prepared to leap into a small plastic pool as helpers shovel in mounds of fresh ice.

    "The classical era of walking to the South Pole is over and now what we are doing is testing the boundaries of human endurance in the water," he said.

    Pugh, who put his career on hold to follow his swimming dreams, swam the English Channel at the age of 22 and holds the record for the most northerly swim ? a 1 km sprint at 80 degrees north off the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen.

    This month a team of scientists will monitor three long distance swims, the last a 1 km attempt near Vernadsky, the Ukrainian scientific base on Antarctica, at 65 degrees south and water expected below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit).

    "These swims will definitely be the most challenging I have ever attempted. I expect the water will be even colder than the Arctic," he said.

    Besides the real risk of freezing to death, he must avoid the deadly leopard seal, faster and more at ease in the ice.


    Fishermen chuckle in amazement as Pugh trains near a fishing company's storerooms in Cape Town harbour, bobbing around chunks of ice in a tiny pool.

    Assistants shovel in more ice to bring the water to below 1 degree Celsius as scientists eye his heart rate for signs of stress.

    On other days he trains on a stationary bicycle in a giant fish freezer in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Celsius below freezing.

    The record attempt is being sponsored by South Africa's Sports Science Institute and Polar Star Expeditions, a Norwegian-Canadian company that runs cruise trips near both the North and South Poles.

    Lara Dugas, an expert in energy expenditure and a member of the expedition team, believes Pugh's body has adapted to endure temperatures that would push others to hypothermia.

    "There must be something about him to allow him to stay longer in the water, he seems to be more cold adapted, with less of a cold shock response," she said.

    Leading South African sports scientist Tim Noakes says he is amazed at Pugh's ability to raise his core body temperature prior to entering the water.

    "I believe it's a Pavlovian response to years of cold water training. It gives Lewis the edge and he is therefore able to swim in water which would disable most humans in seconds."

    Pugh's record-breaking swim will make him the first to survive the waters around the two poles, and the most prolific "expedition" swimmer in the world. But there remains one small problem.

    "I hate being cold," he says, shivering after another gruelling icy training session.

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    [b:d847ed0a1e][size=18:d847ed0a1e][color=blue:d847ed0a1e]Maybe he should mould the ice into shapes of rubber duckies![/color:d847ed0a1e][/size:d847ed0a1e][/b:d847ed0a1e] :icon_mrgreen:

    Just Kidding! It is amazing that with proper training and acclimatization, human body can endure incredible temperatures be it extreme cold or heat.


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