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Thread: G.P.S ?

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    Default G.P.S ?


    I would like to open this topic to everyone. Have you heard of anyone who use a GPS while driving in New Zealand?

    I am prefectly fine without GPS in New Zealand to get around because the roads are so easy to navigate. Better still, the roads are smooth and driving culture is good. I drove a large campervan (4.5 metres long) in May 05 for 2000 kms and I love every metre of the road! no kidding! I once asked a staff over at a rental car company why GPS is not popular in NZ, her reply..."kiwis are smart to know where we are going"... My verdict, it is not really kiwis are good. It is the roads directions & conditions and driving culture is good in New Zealand.

    In contrast, I drove a couple of times in US while I was there for business and I literally depend on the GPS to get around...moreover roads are bad mostly and drivers are rude and intolerant... (no offences to those from US though....)


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    Default G.P.S ?

    No offence taken. There are many rude and crummy drivers here. It seems as though everyone but me is that way, but I'm sure there are a few more here & there. And yes, the roads overall are in poor condition, at least in the places I drive. If we had better road building standards and required guarantees or bonds from the road contractors, they would be better. I recall that Montana had good roads in the late 1980s - even their graded dirt roads were in better shape than California's paved roads.

    Sorry, no experience with GPS. I use an old-fashioned map, and so far have found my way home. Eventually.
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