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Thread: I am just going !!

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    Default I am just going !!

    Hi all

    I have booked my flight for 31st Jan to Auckland in the hope of getting a job and applying from there!

    Has any one done or know of someone who has been down this road with any level of success?

    Basically I plan to stay with family and take it from there. At the moment I am only hitting 65 points but a job offer should see me over the threshold.

    Not sure if the whole process would be any quicker if I am in NZ but I hope it will be as my family will be waiting for the go ahead to come and join me.

    Any good info would be appreciated.

    thanks Bruce

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    Default I am just going !!

    A bold move indeed Bruce. We did it from the UK but then we had sufficient points and a top listed occupation. Getting a job and then a work Visa is one way of doing it I suppose but it is a risky business to come over just like that. I can only assume that you are dead set on living in New Zealand - with that attitude I don't really see how any situation will knock you down. Wiser and more experienced heads than mine will have more specific advice for you - but from me Good Luck.

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    Default I am just going !!

    Hi Bruce,

    Brave you are indeed, as mentioned yes it is really possible to get a working visa and then applying for the PR later. Nothing can stop you if you have the correct attitude and determination. Stay focused!! Being there physically can actually increase the opportunity for an interview and of course job offer or offers!!

    I am sure all members will give you needed advice and lots of encouragement.

    Good luck in your search.


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    Default I am just going !!

    Good luck to you, Bruce. I think this is the best way to go about getting into NZ if you can't get in any other way. You stand more chance of finding a job when you're there on the spot as potential employers tend to take you more seriously than if you were applying from the UK.

    Hope you have a quick success and settle down to a good life in NZ.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default Well done Bruce and Gill

    Brave choice and we wish you luck..
    Chris and I will be doing exactly the same next August.
    We will end up in Dunedin next year after doing a few tours on route.
    We are still sending off our cv's, but with no feedback.
    Its obvious the best way is to land there and sell yourself to employers after making the break.
    Ideally, we want to start our own business, but again its lot of homework before submitting out LTBV which we may not do until we have been there a short while.


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