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    Hi everyone, we're new to the forum and wanted to say hello.
    Have got our Permenant residency visa's and looking to go early new year.

    Wanted to ask some advice re money. Firstly, our plan is to see how things pan out in NZ before moving our money over. I was wondering if any body has decided to invest their money in the UK and not transfered it to NZ? It is our intention to rent in NZ being careful not to commit to early, so we don't need the money to buy, as the uk property market is far more fluid than NZ.
    Would we pay tax on our savings in the UK or would it be best to move the money to NZ given the slightly higher rate of interest? not withstanding the potential loss made during the exchange.
    Basically I want to get the best return over a 3 year period albeit either country for around ?150,000 -?200,000 and gain limited access whilst in NZ.
    Hope someone can advise us accordingly.

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    Default Investment Advice

    There are quite a lot of good term investments available in NZ ranging between 7 - 9% interest, some of which allow access to your money should you need it.

    If you can afford to leave it in the UK until the exchange rate picks up then thats probably a good idea. What you do with it then depends on how much you can get in interest at the time!

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