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Thread: primary schools and reading level

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    Default primary schools and reading level

    I would be very grateful if somebody could tell me how the curriculum in NZ primary schools compare to the UK curriculum. Could anybody give me some info regarding the reading level / math level expected from children in year 2 and year 3 ? Here , in Ireland, I find the education system very laidback (well, at least in our local primary), and I would be upset to find our kids lagging behind the rest of their classroom (it would just make it harder for them to fit in, and this is all I wish for them : to be happy in a new school and be able to make friends). For instance, our son (who is supposed to start year 2 in January), only just manages to read short words like "bin, cat, she" etc.. . Will this be enough ? Our other son (year 3) has no idea about fractions, multiplication.. (but then, he knows all about ceili dancing, and irish music and songs...Isn't school great ??)
    Thanks, Laura.

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    Default primary schools and reading level


    If its any use, my wife has found the kids are pretty much the equivalent of about 1 year behind in terms of what they are learning, although in areas of personal development they are ahead.
    But the main thing she has found is that all the kids have been very friendly and respectful, and are very inclusive of new poeple coming into the school, as its not an unusual thing for them.

    Obviously this is how shes found it in a Decile 4 (Lowish) school in West Auckland, so it could be different in other areas.

    But on the whole, I woudn't expect any problems! Good Luck.

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    Default primary schools and reading level


    Your kids will be fine. My youngest (nearly 6) goes into Year 2 in January after a couple of terms in Year 1 and his reading level seems on a par with yours.

    Anyway, it doesn't take kids long to get the hang of reading and you will probably find that your son is ploughing his way through books and reading road signs before you even get to NZ.

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