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    I'm all set to come over to Christchurch in March to do a bit of a recce on the city, places to live etc.

    Does anyone know the best time to book in advance to get the best prices? I've been keeping an eye on them lately but no dramatic price drops.

    I'm opting for the Manchester - Christchurch route via anywhere except LA, as I've heard nothing but bad reports.



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    Default Flights

    I think the earlier you book the better deal you will get, as prices seem to creep up the nearer to the departure date you get. You just need to be very sure that you [b:4e37e383f7]are[/b:4e37e383f7] going on the intended date, otherwise you'd incur costs having to reschedule. We're lucky here, we can book well in advance and chop and change things around without penalty, unless it's a special offer. What you're looking at now by way of prices could be the best it gets, as they prices could well go up rather than down. Why don't you have a word with the travel agents, as they could confirm if early booking would be beneficial?
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    The really really cheap flights have to be booked through travel agents about ten/eleven months in advance. As soon as the seats are released by the airlines, they are bought in bulk and can be purchased cheap if you are quick. There is usually no refund unless you take out insurance as well.

    Having said that, you can still get good priced flights at other dates ... it involves some trawling over the net looking at prices at different days. When you find something, you have to be quick here also as they are soon sold out.
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