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    We are moving to Christchurch mid November. Two of our kids will start school in January, but in the meantime, I would like to help them with their reading (at least maintaining their current skills). They are only beginners (aged 6 and 7). I was wondering if you are allowed to borrow books from the local libray without a permanent adress (we will stay in a sort of camping / holiday accomodation for the first few weeks. Does it count as pernanent adress?)
    Also , what is the reading level at primary school for the first two years ?
    Do I sound like a pushy parent ?? It is just that English is not our first langague, and I wouldn' t like to see them waste / loose what they have just learned at school.
    Thanks, Laura

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    Hi Laura,

    We had to show a utility bill/bank statement to prove where we lived, so I would have thought a permanent address is necessary. Looking at it from the library's point of view, it can be risky lending to someone staying at tourist accommodation.

    Why not just pop down to the library with your kids, sit them down and read there? Their minds will probably be more focused as there are less distractions.

    Cannot really comment on primary school reading levels as my 5yo is in a private school. However, there his class has several reading 'groups' with kids at differing levels and I am astonished at how quickly he is progressing with his reading.
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