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Thread: how do i do it?

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    Default how do i do it?

    hi people,
    i found out there is no NZ embassy here in nigeria.
    how am i goign to apply now? :icon_cry:

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    Default how do i do it?

    Hi Johnbosco, welcome to the forum.

    I haven't gone through the immigration process yet, but I believe you deal with the New Zealand Immigration Service rather than the NZ Embassy when you want to apply for a permit or visa. I've copied this address from their site:

    [color=darkblue:48a4eba5a0]Residents of Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia and Sudan, should send their completed forms to:

    New Zealand Immigration Service
    New Zealand House,
    Mezzanine Floor
    80 Haymarket
    London SW1Y 4TQ
    United Kingdom
    Telephone: (+44) 1344 71 61 99
    Facsimile: (+44) 207 973 03 70[/color:48a4eba5a0]

    The forms they talk about can be found online on this link, so you just need to decide which type of application you want to make and, again, click on the relevant link.

    Good luck!
    Mother Bear

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    Default how do i do it?

    It is also cheeper to submit forms online rather than paper.


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