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Thread: Where will we find work?

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    Default Where will we find work?

    Could anyone tell us where the manufacturing/industrial areas are in North Island?
    Steve is in operations/maintenance management and we are wondering where he will be more likely to find work.
    Also I (Jan) am a Teaching Assistant here in Cheshire. Will my NVQ qualifications in Childcare & Education get me a job in a NZ school?
    Any direction would be appreciated.
    Jan ::):

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    Default Where will we find work?


    Most of the work like that is in the major cities. Each of them having their own flavour of manufacturing zone. Auckland probably has the largest industrial area, Tauranga had a fair bit, Hamilton has a small industrial area and I'm not sure about the other cities, not having been to them!

    I suspect you could take your pick of cities for that kind of work, anyway :icon_biggrin:

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    Default Where will we find work?

    Thanks Taffy - good news for us as we have been looking at the different areas of North Island and quite fancy somewhere between Auckland and the Bay of Plenty (especially Tauranga). Steve will be able to concentrate more on looking for work in this area, just hope the area is as good as it sounds and has good schools for the boys. :icon_lol:

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