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Thread: Great news for me!

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    Default Great news for me!

    Well I have just had some wonderful news. Anna and I thought that we had to wait to emigrate to NZ until August 2007. Now we know that we can go July 2006!

    The main thing is that my RRV expires in November 2006 so I don't have to go through the whole visa application process again. So with Anna being a Kiwi and me already having PR I can now relax and try to enjoy being the UK and being close to Europe.

    I have already booked a holiday at end of Setember to go to Cannes & Monaco. I will also be in Barbados in November and New York in December. (I won all three holiday at work for my high Sales figures!)

    10 months and counting....! Wellnigton here I come.

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    Default Great news for me!

    nice one pleccy..

    That is good news..
    I'll have this san miguel..and raise it you and yours..

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    Default Great news for me!

    Hey thats great news Adam - well done! How long are you hoping to stay this time? :icon_wink: :icon_razz: Do you think you'll both be here for good?
    Look forward to meeting you for a welcome back drink next year!

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