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    Default TVs

    I know a while back it the subject of TVs was disgust on whether or not they will work ?
    it was mentioned that NZ has a different PAL system to the UK and they could suffer from no sound or no picture...
    since then a friend who is also emigrating discovered his Sony Wega all singing all dancing tv should work - I have a Loewe tv (which cost a fortune) and enquired with them about the PAL situation - Good news he also said it will work - however he did mention it may suffer with what he called 'gaussing' purple spots on the screen, something to do with the tube going from the northern hemisphere to the southern and the change in magnetic fields.....Hmmm
    Anyway, I've decided to chance it and take mine - i'll let you know if it turns into a purple spotted tv !!

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    Default TVs

    Heres something we've found out

    TV1, TV2 & 3, C4, and Juice are VHF.
    Prime is UHF. I think European TVs are UHF only?

    Can anyone confirm this?

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    Default TVs

    Most modern TV's will take UHF as well as VHF, the problem with them not working is to do with NZ running on a different PAL system to the UK, and also the magnetic field in the southern hemisphere can affect the picture to different degrees.

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    Default TV's

    Regardless of frequency changes etc etc, your TV should still work as a monitor if you have a SCART attached to Sky, cable, DVD etc etc. If by some chance it doesn't, then take your DVD or even (dare we say) Video players from UK and use in bedroom to watch films (keeps kids quiet...)!!

    Husband (Physics chap), reckons purple spots probably nothing to do with move from North to South, but more a consequence of magnetic interference during journey from customs scanners looking for illegal immigrants etc!!!!


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