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Thread: Starting to gather information about immigration...

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    Default Starting to gather information about immigration...

    Looking for some help/info really about what is involved in this process. We are really keen to move to NZ in the next few years.

    Basically, me and my partner are currently living in the UK in secure jobs but seems the problem at the moment is with the length of work experience we have. I am 23 and my partner 19. I am currently working for a TV/Radio/Internet broadcasting company in a support role and she is working for a building society.

    There seems to be a number of different Visas that can be applied for, at this point it doesnt seem clear which route we should take. Obviously its based on a points situation. I am currently degree educated and she has gained a diploma from college.

    We have just purchased our first property here so ensure we are investing money to put towards the cause. I understand in some cases it is a requirement to have a certain amount of money to your name?

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated, we are in our early stages of this but the more we know now will make things easier in the long run.

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    Default Starting to gather information about immigration...

    If you like certainty skilled migrant could be your best bet. This gives you the right to live and work there from when you get it (permanent residency/PR). You need 100 points. You'll get 50 for your degree, 10 or 5 (can't remember) for your partners diploma, 30 more for your age etc. The work experience is only a part of the points. Try the Skilled Migrant Category Points Indicator on link on the left.

    There is a Work To Residence visa that it take 2 years to get PR, it is cheaper and quicker to get in by this route. I'm not familiar with it so try the NZIS site. With kids, dog and moving equity from the UK it wasn't for us as we wanted certainty, it may suit you.

    The money issue is, I think, for the Long Term Business Visa. There is no minimum on the skilled migrant visa, but if you do not have a job offer you will be expected to demonstrate how you will support yourself until you do.

    The other route is if you have family there.

    All the info on the different migrant routes is in the NZIS Operations Manual available here DIAL UP WARNING - its big!

    AFAIK Wellington is a good base for the arts.

    Getting into NZ should be easy in comparison to getting on the UK property ladder :icon_wink: Good luck :icon_biggrin:


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    Default Starting to gather information about immigration...

    firstly look here

    you do need enough money to support yourself for a few months in case you haven't got a job or lose your job.

    Even with a degree, without the relevant work experience, without a job offer you will not have enough points for PR

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