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    Default point of contact


    I'm looking to write to an immigration consultant with a comprehensive set of questions that I would like to be answered formally - at a cost to me - that I'm happy to pay for.

    Can anyone suggest an organisation / individual that might assist/that I should contact (possibly based on experience)?


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    Default point of contact

    try asking in this forum mate.

    Cost will be free and the people who contribute are either in new zealand, on their way to new zealand or want to be on their way to new zealand. The chances are they had the same questions you've got.

    If you really really want to spend money, there are links within the site to various agencies who will gladly take your hard earned wonga off your hands..

    Some of your questions may already have been answered for other people so try searching the forum..

    best of luck..

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    Default point of contact


    Personally I would save your money as the process really is straightforwrd.

    There are plenty of NZ forums and the NZIS are very helpful if you send them an email. It'll probably cost more than double if you use a company!!

    Your choice though... Can't recommend I'm afraid as we've done it ourselves ::):

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    Default point of contact

    Yes I would say the same, ask your questions here first, and then only if you can't get an answer spend your money. Most people can back up their advice with references so you know that they are giving sound advice.
    Even if this forum hasn't got the answer there are other forums out there.

    From asking questions on forums I have learnt
    All about the immigration proces and the points system
    How to ship my stuff there, what companies to avoid
    How to import a motorbike
    Where to buy a campervan as soon as we get there
    What the food is like
    Various useful links to prospective employers
    How to ship animals accross
    MAF regulations
    Links to estate agent websites
    New Zealand driving regulations

    I could go on, the list is endless.

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    Default point of contact

    I agree with all the advice to save your money. When we first began looking into NZ immigration, we thought the process would be complex & difficult. so we contacted a consultant, essentially filled out the EOI form, and were quoted $9000US for them to tell us what to do. This did not include NZIS or other fees. When I asked for more specific information on other services they offered, I only got vague examples, and was told to pay my money and find out. Sure, they would offer info on movers, pet shippers and such, and would enroll us in a job search "club", but I can get that info from forums like this or from NZIS.

    Sure, it takes some effort and organization to keep track of all the things that need to be done, but we didn't think it was worth $9K to have someone else keep track of things. Use that money to move, or make a recon trip to NZ.
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