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Thread: panic!! what next?

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    Default panic!! what next?

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    Well I have job offer in NZ.

    We have sold the house, much quicker than we expected. A cash sale too!! How lucky was that.

    Its now panic stations though as we have only just sent off our ITO application form. I really hope it is processed quickly as we may be homeless in the UK. We don't really want to take up a six month let. Our case worker at NZ has however been quite supportive so I am hopeful.

    Our dilema now is do we risk shipping our stuff over. Would hate to give up every thing here and then be turned down.

    We are also unsure what to take... My husband is considering shipping over his motor bike as they seem to be expensive in NZ, however it appears taht the import tax can be quite high. Does any one have any experience of this.

    Also furniture appears to be expensive, we can not make up our minds whether to take every thing or just start from scratch when we get to NZ.
    I would have second stuff if its available.
    Could any one advice how much it would be to furnish a 3 bedroom house.

    Good luck to every

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    Default panic!! what next?

    Looks like you're gonna get a few more grey hairs !!

    Once you have been invited to apply for residency you will be given a contact officer at NZ house who will be responsible for your PR
    i'm sure once you explain your 'soon to be homeless situation' they will be very helpful..

    best of luck

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    Default panic!! what next?

    My husband will be importing is motorbike too. There is no import tax if this is the only vehicle you're taking providing he doesn't sell it within 2 years. We will also be taking all furniture as think it will cost more to buy over there.

    Good luck, hope the applcation is processed in good time.

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    Default panic!! what next?


    I just wanted to say that we were on holiday in Auckland in May/June this year. We are currently in the process with our ITA etc.

    We are both bikers and went to see a few shops in the area for prices etc. Not sure what sort of bikes you are interested in (perhaps custom/Harleys?) but we are into sports/super bikes. The prices were roughly the same as in England.

    Good luck with everything though and try not to get too many grey hairs.



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