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Thread: PR granted !!

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    Default PR granted !!

    Hi everyone !
    Just recieved our passports yesterday with that important blue sticker inside saying 'residence visa' - hooray...
    We cant believe it happened so fast - 6th july we were 'considered to apply' and accepted on the 4th aug....the only problem now is selling the house cos the market is really slow at the moment...but as sooooon as its gone we'll be waving g'bye to this crappy uk summer and hello (windy)Wellington.

    Bye for now

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    Default PR granted !!

    Congratulations mate..

    Hope you get the house sold soon..

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    Default PR granted !!

    well done!!

    We're the opposite.

    we've sold our house quicker than expected, have not yet got residency.

    May need to camp out very soon.

    We have job offers so I hope we can get residency quite quickly.

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    Default PR granted !!

    My husband had a job offer (prison officer) which is why i think it all happened so fast - as long as you sent everything on their list i'm sure it wont take long....

    Good luck !

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    Default PR granted !!

    Congratulations :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:

    We've ad EOI selected last week so waiting for status to say 'successful'. Last few days have dragged, lol!! Have job offer so hopefully it won't take long......

    Good luck with the house sale and the move!

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    Default PR granted !!

    Hi M&S,
    i am in the same job as your other half and my start date is January, When is yours :icon_question:

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