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    Could do with as much info on Hawkes Bay as possible, people who have been there, holiday, living, passing through. Any info at all basically im going over in September to begin a two year football contract with my girlfriend. Would appreciate all opinions, the pluses and the minuses. Would appreciate the help.

    Regards, Lee.

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    Default HAWKES BAY

    Apparently it has the best climate in NZ which I guess is a plus if you're a sun lover.
    Seems to be quite a quiet area with a larger percentage of retired people than other areas in NZ perhaps.
    However it's quite a large area with a few large populationcentres so I'm sure there's a good mix of people.

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    Default HAWKES BAY

    We lived there (Napier. Where are you off to??) for a year (a few years back now) and loved it (maybe going back next year). It's not the most happening place in NZ, but the people were very friendly, and as the previous poster said the weather is fantastic. Good beaches just to the south of Hastings (ocean beach and waimarama) and to the north (tangoio. Bit dangerous there though I think). Napier is quite laid back with a slightly seasidey feel to it (it is by the sea), but not in the Blackpool sense, more like Lyme Regis.

    Lots of vineyards there (free wine tasting!!!! ::): ) and as usual the Kiwis aren't as snobby about it as the brits.

    In terms of going out there weren't that many options. Not sure if it's still there, but The Grumpy Mole was good for a night out, although it's a bit rough and ready. There are a few nice restaurants and a bit of cafe culture if that's your thing (Napier).

    You can go paragliding/mountaing biking/hiking on Te mata peak(good views from there) or go up into the Kaweka range if feeling a bit more adventurous. If you're in to hiking get "Hawkes bay for the happy wanderer". A great book.

    Hastings has a bit more of an "industrial" feel about it, compared to Napier, and is not as attractive IMO.

    Which footy club are you signed up to? Napier city rovers??? (I scored a winner against them while I was there!) :003:

    For more info, try:

    Good luck,

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